Day #214 I love boba tea!

The title says it all! I love boba tea, or anything with boba in it for that matter. I guess you could say it’s one of my guilty pleasures in life…But my favorite item with boba has to be chai iced tea. I’ve been craving the stuff all week. I know...

Day #213 Freya

I have been extensively working on my web comic lately. I don’t know what’s gotten in to me lately, but I’ve been extremely excited about working on my comic lately. Today’s drawing is of a character that I will be including in my comic in the...

Day #181 Make up and everyday life

I just realized like a day ago that I’ve never been a real big make up wearer. I think in a sense, I was kinda of turned off from make up at a very young age. When I was about 6 or so, I remember playing with my mom’s make up stuff one day. I thought it...
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