pirate kitty drawingAhoy Mateys! If you be a geek like me, then you will know that today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, t’ annual pirate holiday! If you be a pirate in spirit, a fan o’ pirates or just like havin’ fun, then you should join in t’ act o’ talkin’ like a pirate too. Today, I decided t’ make this drawing o’ a pirate cat, mainly because I like cats so much. I tried t’ make him look dandy and colorful like I did in me other cat drawings. I also included a colorful parrot on his shoulder as well.

I’m not aye why this be but while I was drawing t’ pirate cat, I almost instantly knew that he had t’ be a big orange cat. Pirates be dominant, and I guess I see big, orange cats as bein’ dominant as well (I don’t know why! Most orange cats I have come across were buckoly.) T’ illustration took only about 2 hours t’ make t’ entire thin’. I wanted t’ have it done in time for this awesome day!

On a side note, this day would be so much better if me allergies weren’t actin’ up so badly. This be probably t’ worst me seasonal allergies have been all year. I’m constantly sneezin’, both annoyin’ and embarrassin’. Anyway, have a good one!

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