boba teaThe title says it all! I love boba tea, or anything with boba in it for that matter. I guess you could say it’s one of my guilty pleasures in life…But my favorite item with boba has to be chai iced tea. I’ve been craving the stuff all week. I know how horrible boba is for you (it’s probably got tons of fat and calories in them, but that don’t stop me!) but boba always comes calling me back once a month :S.

I decided to draw a picture of some boba tea to show my love for the stuff xD. This was a quick sketch that I made early this morning, hence the slight sloppiness of the drawing :S. Either way, this drawing only maximized my endless want for chai iced tea xD.

On a side note, tomorrow is going to be a busy day. The boyfriend and I are going to view more apartments tomorrow in hopes of being able to find something that suits our needs. Since my boyfriend uses a wheelchair, we have had to take a lot of things in to consideration, such as the size of the front door, whether or not an apartment has steps and whether or not the apartment is spacious enough. Let’s hope we find a golden ticket tomorrow. Wish us luck! :3

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