Day #184 Random Drawings of Root Vegetables

So today, I decided to place my art inspiration/focus on root vegetables…Ah root veggies…I’m not sure what’s so special about root vegetables but I can definitely say for sure that they have interesting appearances. So to start, I’ve...

Day #182 Constantly Thinking of Sleep

These days, it’s like the only thing I seem to be thinking about is getting sleep xD! It’s so funny because when I was a kid, I was a complete insomniac. I hardly ever wanted to get any sleep, let alone think about it all day. It’s yet another sign...

Day #178 Purple Jewel

So it’s the first day of September already and I kinda had a bad start today. I ate out somewhere last night and for the entire day, my stomach was aching horribly. I ate some chili fries, there goes one more thing i’ll have to scratch off of my diet :s....
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