purple necklaceSo it’s the first day of September already and I kinda had a bad start today. I ate out somewhere last night and for the entire day, my stomach was aching horribly. I ate some chili fries, there goes one more thing i’ll have to scratch off of my diet :s. Since I was feeling pretty horrible all day, I never got a chance to update the blog until now. I took about 3 naps today, those chili fries really knocked me out Dx.

Anyway, I sketched out this jeweled necklace about an hour ago after waking up from my 3rd nap :s. It’s not that extravagant of a drawing but I wanted to post something for the first of September! To be honest, it sort of reminds of the Heart of The Ocean on Titanic (not really a big fan of that movie to be honest!) I’m still working on the art and cosplay galleries for the blog in the near future. I really can’t wait to have those up eventually. :3

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