root veggie drawingsSo today, I decided to place my art inspiration/focus on root vegetables…Ah root veggies…I’m not sure what’s so special about root vegetables but I can definitely say for sure that they have interesting appearances.

So to start, I’ve never really been picky about my vegetables even as a child. My mom pretty much raised all of us to looove vegetables believe it or not, and now, I pretty much can down any vegetable, including roots xD.

I took a little stroll in my kitchen today and picked out some root veggies (carrot, parsnip and turnip). I just made some quick sketches of each vegetable and made them look pretty with a little help from ArtRage and PS.

Lastly, I thought i’d throw in that I’m slowly updating my daily illustration gallery with past art, for those of you who weren’t around when I first started my blog. Please do take a look :3! Maybe sometime soon, i’ll muster up enough courage to post some of my cosplay stuff :3.

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