I haven’t drawn any humanoid characters in a while so I gave it a shot for today’s post. I wanted to draw something kind of festive and cute today so I decided to drawing a crazy, festive character. I wanted to give her the appearance of something delicious, like an ice cream cone, hence the upside down ice cream cone on her head. This drawing kind of reminds me of the ice cream drawing I created back in February, except it’s almost like a human ice cream cone instead (if that makes sense xD)

To be completely honest with you, I was a little bit inspired by the Katamari Damacy games a bit too. I kinda got hooked on Katamari Damacy when it first came around in American back when I was in Junior high. It’s what I would consider the idea “party game” actually. All of the characters and stages are very festive and party oriented and just plain crazy xD. That’s where I sort of got some of the crazy elements for this character.

Also, I have a weird question that I wanted to ask in this blog post that has been bugging me for a while. But do you guys think that I’ve been posting a lot of “cutesy” art work lately? Like, do you guys think my illustrations have been getting a little on the fluffy side lately? I didn’t notice this until I looked back at my old archives last night. My earlier work was a lot more fantasy inspired than now I think…I think I wanna start making things like I used to, more drawings with fantasy elements in them.

On a final note, please feel free to check out my Daily Art Gallery. I posted more art work in my galleries for all you late comers just now finding my site. :3

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