majestic earring illustrationI posted on my facebook fan page not long ago about my post about  my art style being too cute and I received a bit of feedback on the subject and to my surprise, many people actually prefer the bright, optimistic colors. I didn’t want to create just brightly colored art and I also didn’t want to create only mellow pieces either. I wanted to make a combination of both, but I seem to have a lot more success with the bright colored illustrations. So here is what I made for today.

I drew an image of a purple haired individual wearing a majestic, royal earring/charm. I had a hard time making the earring shimmer since I was in a rush (had to catch the train, hehe) so this was the best I could do with the effects. I do like how the blue earring and purple hair look beside one another. I was going for a “mermaid” like appearance, if that makes any sense…:p

Also on a side not, the reason why I wasn’t able to update the blog yesterday was because I was attending Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. I had a pretty fun time there, I cosplayed with my boyfriend, took a few pics, met up with other fellow cosplayers, went through the exhibit hall and saw some old super hero actors. Some said the convention wasn’t all that great this year because of the long lines to get in and I also heard that the staff wasn’t all that great either. But on a personal note, I had quite a bit of fun. My feet did get tired after a while but that tends to happen whenever i’m on my feet for long.

I do plan on adding the Comikaze pictures as well as a bunch of my old cosplay stuff to the cosplay gallery eventually. But for now, I’m sorting through all of my pics and deciding which ones I want to expose to the world.

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