Day #223 Favorite Bath Time Toy

I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys. I actually never owned a rubber ducky while growing up as a child. I never really took an interest in such little toys actually. Now that I am older, I think the things are quite cute now :3. I wouldn’t mind...

Day #220 A pair of glasses

Tomorrow is another big day! My boyfriend and I may have potentially found a place to stay at finally! He went up to visit the place, took photos, got applications and all of that good stuff. It’s a 1 bedroom duplex with all utilities included in a very nice...

Day #219 Recovery

Time is a tickin’! We still haven’t found an apartment yet, argh! We’re really trying to cut to the chase on this move and hurry up and find something already. We’ll be looking at a few other places this week, hopefully, one of them will be...
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