red glassesTomorrow is another big day! My boyfriend and I may have potentially found a place to stay at finally! He went up to visit the place, took photos, got applications and all of that good stuff. It’s a 1 bedroom duplex with all utilities included in a very nice neighborhood (very awesome!). The rent is well within our range and our income combined is more than enough to cover rent each month (we wanted to have some extra play money every month after rent and bills! haha! xD) The owner seems to want to rent it out to us which is great! We will be going back there again tomorrow and will also be checking out a few other places as well.

Anyway, I drew a pair of glasses for a tutorial on hubpages (yeah, I’ve been having a blast on hubpages these days!) It’s just a pair of little red glasses! I love glasses, even though I don’t require them xD! I actually doodled a whole bunch of things when I made this drawing, I will slowly be adding these to the blog and turning them in to tutorials in the near future as well :3. Welp, I will be keeping this post kind of short, gonna hit the shower!

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