cute houseSo I know i’ve skipped out on my blog posts a lot this month, mainly because for 1, December was a very busy month for me and 2, i’m still trying to adjust to life in my new apartment. Since the new year is approaching, I decided that i’d at least post something before 2013 is here.

My resolution for the new year is to be more creative than I was in 2012. I wanna draw new things and improve in my art more. I also would like to learn how to speed draw as well. I know some really awesome speed artists and what they do is incredibly amazing! I’d love to get in to that some time!

On a side note, I decided to make this drawing of a cute house in the middle of a field. I would like to color this illustration in tomorrow afternoon and have it posted by tomorrow as well. I’ve been drawing a lot of landscapes and a bunch of houses lately, so why not draw some more? Anyway, once I can get completely settled over here I hope that I can get back in to the swing of updating the blog with more art. Moving sure is hard!

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