rubber duckyI’m gonna be completely honest with you guys. I actually never owned a rubber ducky while growing up as a child. I never really took an interest in such little toys actually. Now that I am older, I think the things are quite cute now :3. I wouldn’t mind owning one now actually.

The real reason why I drew this rubber ducky was mainly because I created a tutorial based around it the other day. Today, I decided to fill in the background with some bath tub water and a peachy wall behind the ducky. I didn’t want this illustration to go to waste so I decided to add to it instead. Which gives me a great idea for future sketches I make.

In other news, Halloween is just in a couple days and we’re all pumped and getting prepared to celebrate over here. Going to spend Halloween night at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. Initially, I was thinking of going to a big Halloween party in West Hollywood this year, but later I decided that it might be better spent with friends and family instead. The West Hollywood thing will probably have a lot of drunks and crazy folks there, which I don’t really want to surround myself with anyway :s.

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