Day #241 Happy December 21st!

So yeah…I didn’t draw anything spectacular for this rare occasion, as I believe that it’s just another day in history to be honest. For anyone who is buying in to this hype, that’s fine. Believe in what you want. I’m not really one to...

Day #235 Sea Maid

Yet another illustration that takes place on the beach! I just have a thing for warm weather and climate! Seeing that it’s the winter time, it’s starting to get cold over here now. I’ve had to wrap myself in heating blankets and pretend i’m in...

Day #230 In A Blind Fold (Clementine)

Wow!! I am alive everyone! I haven’t updated my blog since like 2 weeks ago due to the fact that I was in the middle of moving in to my new apartment. It was a difficult yet exciting experience, moving away from home for the first time :3. There are boxes all...
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