sea maidYet another illustration that takes place on the beach! I just have a thing for warm weather and climate! Seeing that it’s the winter time, it’s starting to get cold over here now. I’ve had to wrap myself in heating blankets and pretend i’m in a warmer place than here x.x.

My new apartment is particularly more cold than back at home. The location is just colder, it’s in a lower elevation than my old place. I’m still trying to manage this cold weather, but like every winter, I tend to handle the cold very badly :s. I’m just a tropical creature by nature!

Now I  know it’s probably like 10 times cooler in other parts of the U.S. (I’m in California) but here on the west coast, we experience drastic weather shifts all throughout the year. In the summer time, it’s burning hot and in the winter, it’s freezing cold! The weather is never ‘just right’ like how they depict our state in movies. It makes me mad sometimes because tourists come here with the perception that California is a “sunny state” all year around, when that’s definitely not the case at all.

On a side note, be sure to check out the resources page sometime to find the new tutorials I’ve posted up lately. I’ve been trying to add 1 new tutorial everyday, i’m still on my roll. :3

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