couple kissingSo yeah…I didn’t draw anything spectacular for this rare occasion, as I believe that it’s just another day in history to be honest. For anyone who is buying in to this hype, that’s fine. Believe in what you want. I’m not really one to force my own beliefs on other people.

Anyway, there are people who strongly believe in Mayan prophecy to a T. I won’t bother mentioning which relative(s) they may be, as I don’t think it’s necessary to mention that type of stuff here. But yeah, who really knows what’s going to happen (doubtful of anything happening) once the clock strikes midnight in our timezone.

At this time, it is 9:52pm Pacific Time where I’m at. I will probably be playing video games once it reaches midnight over here. That’s how little bit of concern I have for the December 21st events.

On a side note, today’s drawing is another oldie. I have a few more old drawings I want to post up and then I’ll start uploading some of my new artwork. Anyway, have a great night everyone :3.


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