Wow!! I am alive everyone! I haven’t updated my blog since like 2 weeks ago due to the fact that I was in the middle of moving in to my new apartment. It was a difficult yet exciting experience, moving away from home for the first time :3. There are boxes all over the place and today is the first time i’ve been able to leisurely sit down at my computer and blog again!

At the moment, we’re about 75% situated at our new apartment. We still don’t have a working fridge or any television set up yet. We aren’t big t.v. watchers but I can’t wait to have the television working soon! Surprisingly, I think i’m getting settled in faster than I previously expected. The only difference now is I have more bills to pay for, hehe. That and I have more privacy and freedom which is nice :3.

Today’s drawing is based around my newest character in the DeadFingers series. Not much to say about this character aside from the fact that she is blind. Anyway, I hope I can maintain my blog better throughout the remainder of this month and next! It’s good to be back! 😀

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