Day #178 Purple Jewel

So it’s the first day of September already and I kinda had a bad start today. I ate out somewhere last night and for the entire day, my stomach was aching horribly. I ate some chili fries, there goes one more thing i’ll have to scratch off of my diet :s....

Day # 25 A box of chocolates

Funny that I decided to draw a box of chocolates on the art blog today. If you didn’t know already, I suffer from a number of devastating food allergies. The list includes cocoa, xylitol, most night shades and most artificial sweeteners. Fortunately, my other...

Day #8 Dark Future

To start, I just want to mention how awesome it is that this blog has gotten some visitors within the past few days which is awesome! We’ve only been around for approximately one week. Thanks everybody for bothering to check out this blog. There’s not a...
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