eye tutorialThe title to today’s post is pure sarcasm. Monday hasn’t really yielded anything positive for me so far. Monday’s area always so drab and horrible for me for some reason x.x. I wonder why that is?

It could have to do with the notion that Monday is such a horrible day because it’s the beginning of a new week. But I would think that this would be great! The start of a new week and all. But instead, something always goes wrong on this day x.x. I end up not getting my homework done on time or I end up not getting enough sleep and I feel like a zombie all day.

Anyway, since I had like no time yesterday, I decided that I would plug in my latest tutorial drawing on the blog today. Yes, another eye! But this time, I changed up the directions a lot more. I tried to make the drawing process a little more clear. I had a lot of fun writing the steps for painting the eye. Hope this is enjoyable to someone.

Also, I updated the prints page of the site. I had gotten a few requests for specific drawings to be on the print page so I decided to add them :). Be sure to check that out! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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