autumn leafIt’s almost September! And for those of us who go to college know that it’s the end of freedom x.x. I’m not looking forward to the fall semester mainly because a lot of things have happened to me during the summer that might possibly wreak havoc on my education (maybe.)

Anyway, I decided to draw some autumn leaves for today’s post. I recently did a project that kind of reminded me of the elements of fall so I took the time out of this evening to draw these! I think that autumn leaves are gorgeous, especially in October (my favorite month of the year, Halloween month, haha!)

autumn leaf goldenSpeaking of Halloween, I’m actually planning a few October posts with some short real life ghost stories xD. If you know me in real life, I am a HUGE believer in the paranormal. In all honesty though, I have some very scary things that have happened to me and some friends of mine within the past few years that I just couldn’t ever explain.

Finally, I’m working on an I 365 Art gallery pretty soon. Well, two galleries to be exact. One with all of the art I have posted to the blog and one containing the costumes/cosplays I have made during the past couple of years. I wanna put up some of my best pics in a gallery on this site for you guys to see. Cosplay counts as an art too, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t be here either :3.

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