To start, I just want to mention how awesome it is that this blog has gotten some visitors within the past few days which is awesome! We’ve only been around for approximately one week. Thanks everybody for bothering to check out this blog. There’s not a lot of content here at the moment but that will soon change, I promise!

Speaking of which, I’m working on some simple tutorials to add to the Tutorial section of this blog. I’m gonna start out with some easy ones for now and then work my way up to more elaborate tutorials. I’ve never written a tutorial before so I’ve put a lot of thought in to them. I hope I can really help someone out with these tutorials. Another thing I’m planning on introducing to the blog is a possible calendar book collection of various artwork from 365 challenge. We’ll see!

Finally, on to the drawing. The drawing is a mix between fantasy and science fiction, hence the Dark Future title. I was also aiming for a January theme as well. As of last night, I started thinking about adding drawings themed for each month. Next month is going to be fun, without a doubt. This drawing took me about 2 1/2 hours to draw and color in. I consider it another one of my more detailed pieces, kind of like my Water Willow drawing.

Still fighting a cold but I feel much, much better after sleeping in a couple hours longer today xD. Rest and plenty of fluids work wonders. In other news, My boyfriend and I will be going to the movies this weekend to see Red Tails :3. We’re really looking forward to going but I need to try to kick this cold before then. I’m beating it so far xD xD!

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