Day #274 Post Apocalyptic Desert (in color)

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post apocalyptic desert

Future-like desert scene

As you guys might have seen already, this is the colored version of the previous drawing I posted up a couple days ago. I added color as well as some mountains off in the distance in this version, I thought the earlier sketch was a little bland.

And of course I included bold/rich colors as well. I really enjoyed creating the clothing for Orn in this image, I just went with whatever I thought liked nice for her outfit. Since she’s a rogue, I didn’t want to give her too heavy of clothing and I wanted it to be tight fitting (for convenience).

I will be posting 4-5 days in a row for the next few days and will try to have a line up of art ready next week for when I’m at Anime Expo as well. I’ve suddenly gotten a lot of inspiration for art lately and I’d like to post everything i’ve been making to the blog as often as possible. For now, toodles!

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Day #273 Deep in the Horizon

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Girl and woman in the desert

This is still just a work in progress here. Can’t wait to splash it with color!

Hi guys! Here is a drawing that I am currently working on. I find that I only have time to make sketches for now and end up having to have to color them later. Not only have I been busy with work but I’ve been on the set a lot these days too. Very exciting stuff in the works right now!

More about this sketch, these are just more characters from my web series Deadfingers (main characters actually!) I don’t know, i’ve just felt like doing nothing but focusing on my comic these days! No idea why, but I do enjoy redrawing a lot of the old characters again :3 It’s super fun to do :3! Anyway, stay tuned for more, maybe I’ll post the colored version sometime this week. Toodles!


Day #272 Wendy

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drawing of a little girlSo sorry for the MIA for a couple weeks. I am currently preparing for this year’s Anime Expo which will be happening next month. So as you can imagine, I have been slaving over my sewing machine, working on several new cosplays. I won’t bother go in to detail about them here ont he blog, mainly because I want it to be a surprise! But I will be posting pics during the convention so keep an eye out for that!

In other news, C3 has been very productive in the cosplay community and I have very high hopes for a group this year. We have a lot of goals for this year and so far, half of them have been accomplished.

Now, on to the picture! This is one of the many character drawings I have been working on as of late (even though I have not posted on the blog in a while, I am still making art on a daily basis!) Her name is Wendy in the story. I think for me, drawing children is probably a little more difficult for me to do than to draw adults. This is probably because when drawing children, you have to make sure not to make them look too old/mature. Anyway, I like how this drawing of the little girl turned out and I am quite pleased with the outcome. When I get better at it, I should make a tutorial about it in the future!:3

Day #271 Webcomic art and Cosplay Season

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Orn portraitSorry I haven’t updated in like a week! I have a ton of art work I made within the week but I just haven’t had time to post them up. I’ve been having a few stomach ups and downs for the past couple weeks which has held me back a little but other than that, it’s been a busy week with work.

I’ve been posting individual character portraits for the DF cast, not really sure what I’m going to do with them, probably compile a page with character bios, who knows. But lately, I have been wanting to do something more with my comic besides update it every few days.

Also on a side note, Anime Expo is rolling around the corner again! I’m starting to plan my cosplays for the convention this summer and I know for sure that I will be cosplaying as someone from Shin Megami Tensei as well as Final Fantasy. Not sure who yet but I will definitely be posting cosplay progresses here when I can. I can’t wait for the summer, it’s just cosplay season all around!

Day #270 Clementine #2

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clementine drawingToday, I have yet another character drawing I made last week. I didn’t really want to post them all at once so instead, I will be posting one everyday for a while. There’s going to be a lot of DeadFingers art this month since I am currently in the process of finalizing some of the new character designs. I am also going to be reviving an older web comic once I finish the current one so I’m pretty excited about that. I will definitely be posting the progress art to the blog as well.

I don’t really have a lot to say for today, except for the fact that my team’s kickstarter will be ending in 8 days from now, so don’t hesitate to pay it forward and donate. We really would like to have this game created and it can’t happen without you all! We are still far from reaching our goal of $15,000 but we still have hope in our hearts.

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Day #269 Bel

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This is another image in the series of drawings I will posting to the blog this week. She is a character in my sci-fi web series that has several tattoos on her face. I also noticed that for the past few months, I haven’t really written anything on here about what’s going on in my life and what i’m doing. I mostly talk about art and things related to drawing because that is what this blog’s main focus is, but occasionally, I would throw in a blurb about my life. I think i’ll do that today. :3

In today’s post, I wanna talk about a crazy dream I had last night, pertaining to the lovely ladies of C3. Of course, the dream didn’t really come as a surprise to me, since i’ve been interacting with the girls a lot more this year than previously. I guess my subconscious couldn’t get enough of them either xD. So anyway, I had this dream that we were all living in this tree house together, similar to this one.

As some of you guys may know, we are cosplay models. So naturally, in this dream we were all in full cosplay, but we were wearing some possibly “future” cosplays that we haven’t yet created or worn. Perhaps, the dream was a precursor to what is to come in C3’s future? Who knows xD. I just thought i’d share that dream with you all today :3.

Day #268 Roxy

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I haven’t posted anything in a little while so here comes more art work! I’ve been working on a series of drawings this past weekend that I am super excited to include on the blog this week. I enjoy creating drawings outside of working, it keeps me sane and it also keeps me from not wanting to draw anymore xD

Here is a character I created as part of my web series. In fact, all of the work I drew over the weekend is linked to my web series. I’m too busy posting comic strips on there to upload them on that site so I decided to plug them here instead. In fact, I have a whole line up i’m working on right now. I’m planning to draw separate portraits of all of the characters that appear over at my web comic. This is definitely going to keep me busy over the next weekend, but it’s great to finally be doing something outside of work these days.

Also, I just through i’d mention that I have been playing video games on my ps3 more often in my spare time (I should be working on the blog more, I know.) I have recently become addicted to the Persona/shin megami tensei games by Atlus. For those of you familiar with the game franchise, I am having a blast playing these games! I LOVE Jrpgs! I’ve recently purchased the games persona 2, 3 and 4 as well as shin megami tensei: digital devil saga 1, 2 and devil summoner 1. When I get paid next, I want to buy devil summoner 2 as well as nocturne.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to these days. Expect some more art this week :3.

Day #267 Transformation

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girl transformingSo I know I haven’t been updating regularly like I used to, but that hasn’t stopped my creativity at all! I probably just wasn’t near a computer to upload for the day x.x.

Anyway, I have been focusing a lot on my web comic these days, it’s been my greatest passion since I first started it back in 2008. It’s also been the longest commitment in my life as well, I don’t really stick to things very long at all. Which is another reason why I am quite surprised that I 365 Art is still alive today! I guess with, i’m learning how to better keep commitments!

I have several pieces of art I am working on at this time and I want to upload them to the blog over the weekend. Stay tuned :3!

Day #266 Tube Shoot the game part 2

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As I posted in the last post, our Kickstarter page is still accepting funds for the production of the game, so don’t be afraid to show some support by donating $1 or more to see this game happen.

The good folks over at Indie Game HQ decided to write an article about our game Tube Shoot. This was very exciting and encouraging to the team and it has really helped to get the word out about our project. I know that the majority of you guys who visit my site are normally not hardcore gamers or anything, but this is a pretty casual game that you might have fun playing on your smartphone!

So guys, please do tell your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, whoever about Tube Shoot, it would be awesome for this game to come to life! I am the background designer of Tube Shoot so this means a lot to me to see good people spreading the word about this project! 😀

Day #255 Tube Shoot Game

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So as I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently working with a team of friends on a game we call Tube Shoot. Tube Shoot is a comedic shooter game app for the Android and Iphone and it’s just super crazy and fun! The game takes you in to some of your favorite movies and T.V. shows and makes them interactive for the most part.

I am the background designer of the game so many of the backgrounds you see in the tube shoot trailer were created by myself :3. We have a kickstarter going on right now in order to fund the game so that we can create more stages, art as well as hire more voice actors to be in our game. So to all you gamers out there interested in seeing this game come to life, we encourage you to please back our project as well as share it with your friends who are in to games as well. :3

Here is a link to our kickstarter for Tube Shoot: Tube Shoot Kickstarter