drawing of a little girlSo sorry for the MIA for a couple weeks. I am currently preparing for this year’s Anime Expo which will be happening next month. So as you can imagine, I have been slaving over my sewing machine, working on several new cosplays. I won’t bother go in to detail about them here ont he blog, mainly because I want it to be a surprise! But I will be posting pics during the convention so keep an eye out for that!

In other news, C3 has been very productive in the cosplay community and I have very high hopes for a group this year. We have a lot of goals for this year and so far, half of them have been accomplished.

Now, on to the picture! This is one of the many character drawings I have been working on as of late (even though I have not posted on the blog in a while, I am still making art on a daily basis!) Her name is Wendy in the story. I think for me, drawing children is probably a little more difficult for me to do than to draw adults. This is probably because when drawing children, you have to make sure not to make them look too old/mature. Anyway, I like how this drawing of the little girl turned out and I am quite pleased with the outcome. When I get better at it, I should make a tutorial about it in the future!:3

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