Day #219 Recovery

Time is a tickin’! We still haven’t found an apartment yet, argh! We’re really trying to cut to the chase on this move and hurry up and find something already. We’ll be looking at a few other places this week, hopefully, one of them will be...

Day #93 Mega Dots

Hi again you guys! This was a drawing that I previously posted to the blog a while back. I tinkered with some filters in Photoshop and I came up with this. I originally posted this on my web comic today as well. Although I only used a few filters to get this effect, I...

Day #17 Orn and Wendy

Today has been just blah so far…With college beginning for me on Monday, I guess I sorta feel like my life is gonna be  a little different from now on. Change can be good sometimes, but I’m a little worried about how my daily life will be. By the way,...
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