Day #271 Webcomic art and Cosplay Season

Sorry I haven’t updated in like a week! I have a ton of art work I made within the week but I just haven’t had time to post them up. I’ve been having a few stomach ups and downs for the past couple weeks which has held me back a little but other than...

Day #202 More web comic progress

Here is some more comic progress from my side! This isn’t quite finished being colored yet but I will be working on it tonight. I will post it up to the Deadfingers site once it is finished. I was tempted to post up some more Halloween stuff, as I drew quite a...

Day #142 More comic art

So I’ve been very busy this whole week, so I will be posting comic art throughout the week. Funny how I’ve been too busy to really work with the blog, but I’ve wanted to update my webcomic for a while. The way I see it on I 365 Art, art is art, no...
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