girl with long hairUgh! Still super busy! I haven’t updated in about a week now :s. But I did get a bit happy last night once I discovered that my comic DeadFingers received a pretty kick ass fan art! I haven’t had a fan art in a long while :3!

Anyway, a good friend as well as loyal DF fan who goes by the name of Luccia¬†actually created this a few days ago. I was so consumed by work that I hadn’t discovered it until yesterday x.x. You can find the fan art either at her page or mine :3.

On a side note, I wanna get back in to making some more tutorials soon. I had a goal of making like 100 or so by the end of the year…I only made 44 :S. Well, hopefully by next year, I’ll have more time for the blog and for my tutorials :3.

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