Day #222 Food of the day (carrots)

My sister and I were in the mood for some type of junk food today. We have a donut store a couple of blocks away from our place and we wanted to get our junk food fix for the day. Feeling guilty, instead I ended up filling up on carrots! Carrots of all things! I know...

Day #184 Random Drawings of Root Vegetables

So today, I decided to place my art inspiration/focus on root vegetables…Ah root veggies…I’m not sure what’s so special about root vegetables but I can definitely say for sure that they have interesting appearances. So to start, I’ve...

Day #146 Asparagus Illustration

I felt like drawing some type of fruit or vegetable today since it’s been a while since I’ve posted any food related daily drawings. In fact, I think I want to focus on some food items for the next few days actually xD. Not only are they easy to draw, but...
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