carrotsMy sister and I were in the mood for some type of junk food today. We have a donut store a couple of blocks away from our place and we wanted to get our junk food fix for the day. Feeling guilty, instead I ended up filling up on carrots! Carrots of all things!

I know it’s the polar opposite of what I wanted initially, in the end,

I succumbed to healthy food instead :s. I mean, it’s not like I pig out on junk food every day or anything like that. In fact, I’m more likely to eat healthy than not. But still, I sometimes have my moments where I just want to eat crap and get drunk for that day. I’ll save it for New Years I suppose xD!

What better way to describe today? A carrot. I drew this quick sketch of a carrot, since that was basically my biggest snack for the day. :3

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