Day #40 The Songstress Completed

Finally got around to finishing The Songstress last night! I’m surprised the rest of the drawing and digital painting process for this turned out almost the way I wanted it to, since I was distracted big time while doing this xD. I was watching an interesting...

Day #12 Voodoo Priestess

Just so you know, I added a new page yesterday in the Tutorial section. I will be adding much more content in that section as well as others in the near future. For now, I’m just trying to focus on adding more main page content. I really hope that you guys like...

Day #11 Cat Girl

Decided to sorta take it easy this weekend and go with something simple. Made this cat girl drawing way early this morning. I wanted to make something bright, happy and frilly this time around. One thing that I’ve begun to notice since I began posting art on...
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