The Songstress DrawingFinally got around to finishing The Songstress last night! I’m surprised the rest of the drawing and digital painting process for this turned out almost the way I wanted it to, since I was distracted big time while doing this xD. I was watching an interesting documentary while I painted this.

The documentary was about an hour and 30 minutes, and I finished this 45 minutes later. I guess it’s safe to say that the entire coloring process for this lasted about 3 hours max. I discovered a different painting technique in Photoshop a few days ago that I applied to this picture. I really like how it came out in this pic! If I would have done things the old way, I wouldn’t have been satisfied with this at all xD! What I did with the skin here was I used the brush tool as I always do, and then I used a mix of some of the other tools such as smudge and blur. What I was previously doing in my paintings was blur and¬†Gaussian blur, which compared to this, makes a pretty ugly effect in the drawing now that I think about it! lol!

I think it’s that time again where I look back at my old work and shudder in horror x.x. This happens to me every few years or so and I think I’m having that moment right now xD! Good thing it happened early on in the year and not later ūüė° heheheh!

At the moment, I’m trying to paint my drawings like I would on a canvas, so maybe that’s why my drawings have improved some since I first started this blog ^^ Yay! The way I see it is that an artist is never too old or too seasoned to learn something new. I’m very open to improving my art skills along the way right now. I want to eventually master Photoshop in the future xD I know I have a long way to go but it’s something that needs to be done since I love the program so much. xD

In other news, I have updated the prints¬†section today with new products! Also this week, I will try to put up another store front with even more items (shirts, buttons, cards you name it ^^.) This week is proving to be very busy so hopefully I’ll find the time to do that.

Also, I am still adding more tutorials to the resources page as well. As I said a few posts back, I am compiling a list of self hosted tutorials. :3

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