Day #54 Hope in the Horizon

I thought that the title for today’s drawing was a bit more suitable than the one I used on yesterday’s blog post. I guess now that I colored it, my judgement is a little less skewed xD. So yea. Last night, I celebrated my sister’s birthday. She...

Day #46 Fruit Goblet and Champagne

Posting this art drawing a little bit later than I had intended on posting it. I overslept today. x.x I set my alarm for 10:30 and I kept dozing off thereafter. I usually just turn off my alarm, give myself about 5 minutes to fully awaken and that’s that. Today,...

Day #40 The Songstress Completed

Finally got around to finishing The Songstress last night! I’m surprised the rest of the drawing and digital painting process for this turned out almost the way I wanted it to, since I was distracted big time while doing this xD. I was watching an interesting...
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