Red haired girlI thought that the title for today’s drawing was a bit more suitable than the one I used on yesterday’s blog post. I guess now that I colored it, my judgement is a little less skewed xD.

So yea. Last night, I celebrated my sister’s birthday. She turned 30 years old and she doesn’t look a day over 15! So we basically celebrated by going out to lunch, heading off to get ice cream and other treats and we bought some $2 DVDs from the Block Buster that was closing up by our house. I guess despite the fact that she is now 30 and I am on my way to 30 in a few years, we just can’t lose the eternal child that’s inside of us. After all, you are as old as you feel!

Anyway, I finished coloring the drawing from yesterday. The hair was the biggest challenge here, but damn it was a lot of fun! I felt the need to give the girl some crazy, bright red hair. Believe it or not, it was going to be brown in the beginning. I tried out some new color shading techniques on the hair and I think they came out alright! Off in the distance in this illustration are some futuristic skyscrapers.

This entire painting took about 3 hours. I took a couple of breaks in between or else I might have been done sooner. Me and my A.D.D. xD!

So serious question for you guys: what kind of music do you listen to while draw? And if you don’t draw, what kind of music do you listen to while participating in other constructive activities that you do? I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I listen to a lot of music while I draw. I can’t quite pin point a specific genre, as my musical library ranges from punk rock to RnB.

Also, this is really awesome! Caricature artist and blogger Ali. R. Thome has nominated I 365 Art for the Kreative Blogger Award! Thanks again Ali! I never heard of those awards before but that is just awesome :3! I’ll be nominating other blogs tomorrow now that I know about this ^^!

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