Day # 64 Think Pink: Drawings of Yummies!

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s art blog post, today’s drawing has more to do with sweets and desserts. I am allergic to half of the stuff in this drawing by the way xD. I’m not sure if I’ve brought this up before or not, but I have some food...

Day #13 Voodoo Priestess Color

I’m really exhausted today. I’m running behind on my schedule because I slept in later than usual. My alarm was set and it did go off, but I turned it off, with the full intention of waking up at that moment. But of course, ¬†instead of just getting, I just...

Day #7 Princess Of The Meadow

Ugh! I’m surprised I even had the strength to do this one, being that I’m getting over a cold right now. My joints are bugging out at the moment and my left hand is a little stiff. I get arthritis when I get sick because I become less active during these...
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