Ugh! I’m surprised I even had the strength to do this one, being that I’m getting over a cold right now. My joints are bugging out at the moment and my left hand is a little stiff. I get arthritis when I get sick because I become less active during these times. Thankfully, my drawing hand is still working! Mwahahaha!

I always get this thought in my head about how lost I would be if my drawing hand all of a sudden went out or something…It’s like, what would I do for a living after that? If I lost most of my vital limbs, I think I’d be okay with that. But my right atm? Not so much x.x…I’d end up trying to draw with my feet or something :S. Lol, anyway….

Today’s drawing is somewhat ordinary compared to my other works ( or at least I think so) The background is pretty plain and simple looking in my opinion. I don’t feel like a drawing is full unless there’s creatures flying around in the background or a bunch of flowers and animals sticking out of the character’s body or something. But since she’s in a brightly lit meadow, I decided to color her hair in like a rainbow. Her hair represents a rainbow I guess.

The entire process of creating this piece had to have taken no longer than an hour tops. It was a quick one compared to a few of my past drawings on this blog. Since I was able to finish this one up pretty quickly, I was able to create a few buffers today as well. I could really use the buffers because there’s bound to be days that I won’t even want to get out of bed, let alone draw T.T.

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