pink dessertsLike I mentioned in yesterday’s art blog post, today’s drawing has more to do with sweets and desserts. I am allergic to half of the stuff in this drawing by the way xD. I’m not sure if I’ve brought this up before or not, but I have some food allergies x.x.

Food allergies just piss me off. I’m allergic to coco nuts (ie chocolate) as well as many sugar alcohols. Because of this, I tend to avoid most sweets and sugary drinks x.x. As a result however, I don’t have to worry much about my weight since I can’t eat a lot of the things I want to eat. But just because I’m allergic to a lot of sweets, doesn’t mean I can’t marvel them from a distance!

I absolutely love the color pink! I wanted to make some pastries that were pink in appearance. Whenever I see some type of pink food, I automatically think to myself that it must be tasty looking like that xD!

I had a lot of fun making this picture and it fit in with my busy schedule. It didn’t take much time to make and I like how it came out.

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