I’m really exhausted today. I’m running behind on my schedule because I slept in later than usual. My alarm was set and it did go off, but I turned it off, with the full intention of waking up at that moment. But of course,  instead of just getting, I just fell back asleep. Ugh @.@.

I think the one thing I can’t stand the most in life is wasting time. I always like to make the most of my time everyday and 9/10 times, you will never catch me staring mindlessly at a wall or something like that xD. I admit to taking a lot of breaks but I still try to be productive even during break time (If that makes any sense…Dx). I will make it an effort to wake up earlier tomorrow than I did today :).

I did manage to finish coloring this though, which is another accomplishment for me. What gave me the idea to create this drawing was when I was thinking of my great grandmother yesterday. In the times that she was alive, she spent the majority of her life as a voodoo priestess. She actually used to run a voodoo shop. Strange I know, but it’s true :o…

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