Day #127 I’m Home!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I just got home last night and was too tired to really post any drawings. I had a really good time at Fanime Con this weekend and took quite a few pics which I will probably post to my facebook soon. I haven’t really had the...

Day #123 C3 Birthday Cake

This is a little something i’ve put together for a cosplay group I am in known as C3. We’re having our first year anniversary this summer and I designed some post cards for our summer events. This included the events we would be hosting as well as a...

Day #117 Pearl Necklaces (color)

I’ve finally finished coloring in the pearl necklaces drawing that I made last week. It’s very pink and girl like which is what I was going for :3. I wanted to illustrate a somewhat feminine feel to this drawing. Like I said before, I kinda have a thing...
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