Day #98 Anime?

Sorry for skipping posting to the blog yesterday xD! I went on a mini getaway with my boyfriend Friday and I just didn’t feel like doing much at all Saturday. Please forgive me xD! I was on a roll and then I broke it! Aw man xD! Anyway, I have been finding...

Day #67 Character Sketch

Here is another quick sketch I made while on the way to the car show last week. Along with the genie lamp drawing, I made this and an entire comic strip as well. I try to get the most of my time when I’m not really doing anything xD. It was a two hour long car...

Day #30 Lady Elven

Drawing # 30! If you haven’t noticed, the blog has reached a milestone of finally being approximately 1 month old! Woohoo! Thanks everyone for supporting the blog thus far! I feel even more motivated to continue to post every day now :]! I also just wanted to...
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