ornToday, I decided to draw an already existing character I made up years ago. In other words, I ran out of creative juices xD. I made this drawing just before bed so I needed it to be simple. I learned a new technique in Photoshop a few days ago concerning the neatness of my line drawings.

In today’s drawing, I used two really cool filters to make the lines appear more sharper. The first one I used was Poster Edges and after that I used another one called Cutout. Sure, these two filters are really simple but it’s pretty amazing what they can do when combined! I miss doing the cartoony thing and I am more than likely gonna go back to it after learning this.

On a side note, it is pouring outside! There is literally lightning strong enough to sound peoples’ car alarms and shake my house! I was laying in bed this morning and was awoken by a huge thunder bolt. I was worried that the house would get struck with lightning it was so loud.¬†After that, I ended up going back to sleep and having a really strange dream. I could still hear the thunder in my sleep, except I was interpreting it as constant knocking on the door. Very weird xD.

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