animeSorry for skipping posting to the blog yesterday xD! I went on a mini getaway with my boyfriend Friday and I just didn’t feel like doing much at all Saturday. Please forgive me xD! I was on a roll and then I broke it! Aw man xD!

Anyway, I have been finding myself having to have to draw a lot of anime lately. I don’t normally draw anime characters often. I usually like to blend anime with western style in my art work ¬†:3. Kinda like how the Final Fantasy¬†characters are drawn. Today, I decided to draw just straight anime! I don’t think I’m that good at drawing just straight anime characters but practice makes improvement I suppose.

I had to draw an anime character for a customer a few days ago which was fun. I also drew another anime character for part of my boyfriend’s final project. I’m normally not accustomed to drawing anime that often but I’ll do it if I have to. My anime characters may have a bit of a ‘Western twang’ to them though :p.

Now that i’m back in to the swing of my busy life, I have a ton of catching up to do on this blog xD. Bummer! Thankfully, my UTI is pretty much gone ^^! I’ll have to not drink so much soda for a while x.x.

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