Day #254 Clementine Art

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I’m back again in the month of March. I’m going to have a lot more time to spare these days so hopefully I can get back in to updating this blog again.

What can I say? I have been busy with 4 different independent projects at this time (and this doesn’t count work either!) I am a web designer for a popular maid cafe known as Tomo Neko, I am working on an upcoming Iphone game with the company Weapons Grade Games, I have been traveling the country with my girls from Chocolate Covered Cosplay and am still actively working on my digital shop right here on I 365 Art! I guess you could say that I have been beyond busy! But I have still been patiently waiting to once again update the blog with more art!

So for today’s post, here is another drawing of a character from my web series DeadFingers. I have still somehow always found the time to work on the comic no matter how busy I get, I wish I were more like that with this blog *shameful look on face*. This is actually the first drawing I posted in over a month, just realized that x.x *facepalm* not happy about that…

Anyway, in tomorrow’s post I wanna talk more about the video game I am working on right now! I promised several people that I would explain it more and what better place to do so than here at the blog? Gives me a reason to be on here more often :3 hehe!

Day #253 Katherine’s Petticoat (In color)

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katherine black petticoatSo I finally got around to finish the Katherine sketch and coloring it in full. I have been making some huge progress in the digital shop these days as well as working on commissions, so I didn’t get a chance to finish this until the weekend. This past weekend was probably the most time i’ve had in a while, I should have some free time in the spring, since I will have my vacation around then.

I guess I was inspired by maid dresses to make this piece. The ball next to her feet, i’m not sure what the significance of it is for this drawing besides having it fill up some of the empty spots.

Anyway, today’s post will be a little short, not a lot to say right now. This coming week is going to be a busy one.

Day #252 Update on shop

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Wow, I haven’t posted anything since the 8th of this month x.x! I am planning on doing some heavy work on my digital shop soon and I am also planning on taking a break from work during the month of April. So that means I will have more time to work on the blog. Yay! I can’t wait to start posting some regular artwork again.

As you can see, today’s drawing is that of a breakfast omelette. This is because I am working on different objects to add to the shop, a breakfast theme was the first category I thought of at the time. xD No idea why. Once I finish with the breakfast department, I will move over to another theme (fantasy objects hopefully!)

Day #251 Kathrine’s Petticoat

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19th century girl dressToday, I am posting up a somewhat strange sketch for the next image I want to work on. I wanted to give it an 19th century style as well, since I don’t usually draw pictures of that nature.

It’s only half of a leg, and I intended it to be that way. I guess it was what I was feeling at the moment :p.

Also, although there’s not a lot on this page yet, I am currently constructing the Digital Download section of the site. It’s totally incomplete, I know. I wanna focus more on it over the weekend (assuming time allows it!)

Day #250 Digital Art Shop In the Works!

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hard boiled eggOkay, so i’m not really sure whether or not this is going to be a good idea, I thought i’d give it a go! I’ve decided that I want to possibly pursue starting a small digital shop here on I 365 Art! The reason being that I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately asking to use some of my drawings here on the site. So I thought it might be a good idea to sell some of my images as clip art for cheap. I like to draw a lot of little graphics here and there just for fun, so why not share them with the world to use?

Now i’ve already started working on my digital art shop and there’s not much up there yet. But I have already compiled a list of images I would like to include in the digital shop when I get the time. I am a little nervous about this and I am interested in seeing where this goes!

Another idea I would like to add to the site are coloring pages as well. But that’s a bit deeper in the future for me. ^^

Day #249 Garden Girl (Pink Dreams)

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pink illustrationSo the initial sketch of garden girl didn’t quite turn out the way I thought it would yesterday. But to be honest with you, I’m happier with the outcome than I thought I would be. It’s a lot more “pink” and sparkly than I anticipated on it. I tried to step out of the box with this one, as lately I’ve only had 1 or 2 types of drawings. I’m trying to touch base with some of my older drawings from last year. I had a lot more time to drawing things in 2012!

I was trying to aim for something kind of sparkly and pink looking for this drawing, but I wasn’t planning on making the entire picture pink until I started working on it. I thought it would be interesting to see the finished drawing have different shades of pinks/magenta since I was feeling somewhat girl today. I tried giving the girl in the drawing flesh colored skin in the beginning but it didn’t really clash well with all of the pink :s. To me it didn’t at least.

Day #248 Garden Girl

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girl behind flowersSo, it’s February! Again! I just realized that my blog is over a year old :3. *Does dance* I absolutely enjoy making Valentine’s Day themed art during February and I hope to be able to get a chance to do that this year as I did last year :3.

Anyway, I planned on posting this on February 1st but I got caught up in a bunch of different things/projects so I am posting it today. It’s not colored yet but I do plan on coloring it sometime this week (basically when time permits it!) I wanted the flower and the girl to blend in sort of in this picture. I can’t quite explain where I got the concept from. As always, I try to be original.

I really would like to focus on my blog more these days but now that I am away from home and have many more responsibilities now (rent, bills, work etc.) my blog hasn’t been my top priority for a while…I’m trying to think of ways to balance my blog with my crazy work life xD. I have soooo much I wanna do with this blog in the future, aside from just posting art. I want to start selling some of my artwork very soon. :3

Etsy Store

Peipei’s $5 Art Commissions page

How to draw on Hubpages

Day #247 Orn and Clementine (color)

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two girls huggingHi guys! So I finally got things working normally with my website, i’m very happy about that. I meant to post this up a couple of days ago (this is the colored version of the sketch I posted to the blog a few days ago) but I got a little busy with life. I’m pretty happy about finally finishing this up and I plan to post it up on Deviant Art and on my web comic site during an off day when I get the chance.

I’m not usually very good at drawing two individuals in close contact so I’m pretty happy that this turned out okay. :3 I was thinking of including some kind of background in the drawing but meh…I got lazy xD.

Day #246 Orn and Clementine

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orn and clementineSo now that I am able to post things to the blog again, I guess I feel a bit more appreciative of the site after going through the whole mess yesterday. I’ve decided that I will make more of a conscious effort to update my blog more often than I have been.

Today, I bring you an incomplete piece. This sketch is one that I started working on just today, I got a sudden idea for a drawing I could post to the blog. I’ve been posting a lot more work inspired from my web comic DeadFingers lately if you haven’t noticed. I guess it’s because I have invested a lot more time in the comic and it’s beginning to bleed on to the blog I guess!

Anyway, I can’t wait to color this drawing in tomorrow! I actually like this as a sketch and usually when I like a sketch (I usually dislike my own sketches/pencil strokes until they are in color!) it means that I’ll put out more time just to color it :3.

On a side note, I have a few things I am planning at the moment, like joining Etsy and offering more services in the near future. :3

Day #245 Watermelon Tree

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watermelon treeSo I lost this new post some how! Very crazy I know! Anyway, I’m putting the latest post back up as well as adding a new one in later today.

So on to what happened. My server had a HUGE fart a couple of days ago and knocked me offline for half a day, unbeknownst to me. It was extremely grueling to get it back up and running to say the least!

So anyway, I think I probably lost this post in the process. Ah well :s. Things happen