girl behind flowersSo, it’s February! Again! I just realized that my blog is over a year old :3. *Does dance* I absolutely enjoy making Valentine’s Day themed art during February and I hope to be able to get a chance to do that this year as I did last year :3.

Anyway, I planned on posting this on February 1st but I got caught up in a bunch of different things/projects so I am posting it today. It’s not colored yet but I do plan on coloring it sometime this week (basically when time permits it!) I wanted the flower and the girl to blend in sort of in this picture. I can’t quite explain where I got the concept from. As always, I try to be original.

I really would like to focus on my blog more these days but now that I am away from home and have many more responsibilities now (rent, bills, work etc.) my blog hasn’t been my top priority for a while…I’m trying to think of ways to balance my blog with my crazy work life xD. I have soooo much I wanna do with this blog in the future, aside from just posting art. I want to start selling some of my artwork very soon. :3

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