orn and clementineSo now that I am able to post things to the blog again, I guess I feel a bit more appreciative of the site after going through the whole mess yesterday. I’ve decided that I will make more of a conscious effort to update my blog more often than I have been.

Today, I bring you an incomplete piece. This sketch is one that I started working on just today, I got a sudden idea for a drawing I could post to the blog. I’ve been posting a lot more work inspired from my web comic DeadFingers lately if you haven’t noticed. I guess it’s because I have invested a lot more time in the comic and it’s beginning to bleed on to the blog I guess!

Anyway, I can’t wait to color this drawing in tomorrow! I actually like this as a sketch and usually when I like a sketch (I usually dislike my own sketches/pencil strokes until they are in color!) it means that I’ll put out more time just to color it :3.

On a side note, I have a few things I am planning at the moment, like joining Etsy and offering more services in the near future. :3

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