Day #150 Comic Progress once more

Since I am going away for the weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to post the progress on my latest web comic page for DeadFingers. I just didn’t have enough time to finish this up yesterday. I will most likely have it ready by Tuesday or Wednesday since...

Day #126 Black Swan Interpretation

This is just a random sketch of my interpretation of the Black Swan. This is obviously a very quick sketch (I also messed up on the left arm some) but I do want to improve this sometime and give it some life by correcting these mistakes and adding some color to it :3....

Day #95 The Moon

Made this weird drawing of the moon last night. It looks more like the planet Earth which was not really my intention :s. It looked like a moon until I decided to color it xD hehehe! So anyway, I spent about 30 minutes working on this. It’s a quick one if you...
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