Moon artMade this weird drawing of the moon last night. It looks more like the planet Earth which was not really my intention :s. It looked like a moon until I decided to color it xD hehehe!

So anyway, I spent about 30 minutes working on this. It’s a quick one if you didn’t notice. Aside from school, I have become addicted to a game on Facebook called The Sims Social. I know I don’t really have time for it in my current schedule but it’s become somewhat addicting to me. It’s just too damn fun xD.

Right now, I’m building a bunch of stuff for my homes in the game. When I was first introduced to The Sims Social, I thought it looked silly and uninteresting. But boy was I wrong! Now, I have to start curbing how often I play the game :s.

Anyway, I hope you like today’s post as well as the art :3. Take care guys!

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