Day #215 Random Art and Hubpages

I recently made many different images for some tutorials I made on Hubpages. Today’s post will pretty much consist of some drawings, both completed and in progress. I made this sunflower yesterday and although it was somewhat rushed, I think it came out quite...

Day #200 I 365 Art Milestone Day

So here it is, day 200 of the art challenge! This is a huge feat for me and I’m really happy that the day has come for me to have posted 200 art posts this year so far. It’s usually really hard for me to commit to something like this and i’m pretty...

Day #88 Funky Monkey

I didn’t have a whole of time to make a drawing for today so I decided to draw this crazy little monkey! I have no idea how I got the idea to draw a monkey but it counts as a daily drawing and that’s all that matters to me xD! I will color this monkey...
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