watermelonSo here it is, day 200 of the art challenge! This is a huge feat for me and I’m really happy that the day has come for me to have posted 200 art posts this year so far. It’s usually really hard for me to commit to something like this and i’m pretty happy that I’ve gone the distance with this blog. I’ve started at least a dozen different blogs in the past, all of which have fizzled and became inactive.

Today’s drawings are a bit random, I know. But I just wanted to post up axe drawingsome of the art work I drew these past couple of days. I was writing some new tutorials when I drew these and I had not posted them to the blog yet. I guess when you combine a watermelon and a hatchet, you get a slice? I don’t know xD. This was so not intentional, I promise. Now this post seems a little weird to me with the random art in it. :s

Anyway, I’m really happy that this blog has a following (not a very big one as far as I know but that’s okay!) This blog does receive quite a bit of visitors everyday and I guess that’s what’s been helping me to continue to draw and post things on the blog. Going for another 200 days! :3

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