sunflowerI recently made many different images for some tutorials I made on Hubpages. Today’s post will pretty much consist of some drawings, both completed and in progress. I made this sunflower yesterday and although it was somewhat rushed, I think it came out quite well!

I think posting up creative hubs on Hubpages has become sort of common place for me recently. I had begun adding creative hubs early this year, but I stopped doing them for some reason…Time perhaps :s. As I said before, I’m really happy that I’m doing them again and I just realized like a week ago that I was making money with my hubs as well! I had no idea I had money in my account from the hubs I posted early this year.

Anyway, the fact that there is a revenue potential on Hubpages has made me even more compelled to post more and more of my drawing tutorials on there! I’d like to post a couple hundred if I can, I’m actually gonna try to stick to creating more drawing hubs this time. They’re actually super fun to make and I enjoy showing people something new for a change. It also gives me an opportunity to increase my art portfolio too. 🙂

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