Day #222 Food of the day (carrots)

My sister and I were in the mood for some type of junk food today. We have a donut store a couple of blocks away from our place and we wanted to get our junk food fix for the day. Feeling guilty, instead I ended up filling up on carrots! Carrots of all things! I know...

Day #107 Cottage in the Forest

I have very little say today as I am in a rush. I am extremely pressed for time today so I will make the blog post somewhat short :3. This is my latest quick sketch. I made it in a matter of 10 minutes. If I have some time later tonight, I will most likely color it in...

Day #67 Character Sketch

Here is another quick sketch I made while on the way to the car show last week. Along with the genie lamp drawing, I made this and an entire comic strip as well. I try to get the most of my time when I’m not really doing anything xD. It was a two hour long car...
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