Day #63 Ice Cream Sundae Deluxe!

Today’s drawing is obviously of an ice cream sundae. I’ve already made a similar drawing to this in the past of an ice cream cone. What can I say? I love ice cream! It’s my favorite dessert treat in the while wide world xD! Ice cream is one of those...

Day #58 More palm trees!

So I drew another picture of a palm tree! It’s starting to get warm again over here so I just keep on thinking of palm trees for some odd reason. I liked how the last palm tree drawing I added to the blog last week so I decided to make a tutorial about palm...

Day #29 Artists and criticism

As you see, I think from now on, I’m gonna start posting my blog titles differently instead of just giving them labels of a drawing. I’ll start putting the name of the drawing as a caption underneath instead. Today, I want to talk about a more serious...
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