tropical palm treeSo I drew another picture of a palm tree! It’s starting to get warm again over here so I just keep on thinking of palm trees for some odd reason. I liked how the last palm tree drawing I added to the blog last week so I decided to make a tutorial about palm trees. So I wrote up a how to on how I make my palm trees (just for fun) :3.

The tutorials I made so far have received some emails of positive feedback which makes me very happy. I know not very many people are finding my things for right now, but I’m really happy that I didn’t make them in vain! Well, I’m not sure if it would be in vain if no one ever read them since I enjoyed putting them together. But I would be a bit more reluctant to write them anymore I guess :s. I feel a bit more compelled to compile a HUGE list of random tutorials some day :3.

Also, be sure to check out the Prints that are for sale right now. I will be adding more to the page pretty soon as well.

And on one final note, I just would like to highlight a couple of blogs/web comics  that I felt needed mentioning.

Ali. R. Thome – Really awesome blog that I stumbled on in late January. She is a really talented caricature artist that I really look up to. She’s such a good artist :3!

Anna Bron – She is a multi media artist who creates absolutely beautiful masterpieces on a weekly basis!

Danielle Corsetto – I’m a nerd so I recently found a new comic fix xD. Danielle is the writer and artist of a web comic known as Girls with Slingshots. Interesting blogger with an interesting comic.

Denise Randall – My home girl! I’ve known Denise for a number of years and we met each other in the Drunk Duck community a while back. I have been following her extensive series known as The Only Half Saga since like, forever! Really awesome comic that needs to be looked at right now!

And that’s that. See you guys tomorrow :3!

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